Neues Whitepaper zu OpenStack und Kubernetes

München, Starnberg, 23. Mai 2018 - Das Dokument “Leveraging Containers and OpenStack: A Comprehensive Review” wurde von der SIG-Kubernetes entwickelt…

Zum Hintergrund: Die OpenStack Special Interest Group SIG-Kubernetes konzentriert sich auf die gemeinschaftsübergreifende Arbeit mit Kubernetes. Auf dem aktuellen OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, Kanada stellte die Gruppe seine jüngsten Meilensteine hinsichtlich der OpenStack Kubernetes-Integration vor. Das Whitepaper: "Leveraging Containers and OpenStack: A Comprehensive Review" (siehe Downloadlink unten) beleuchtet verschiedene Szenarien hinsichtlich der Kombination von OpenStack und Kubernetes und gibt einen Überblick über Open-Source-Projekte, sowohl OpenStack als auch weitere, die zur Bereitstellung von Containeranwendungen beitragen. Das Dokument untersucht zudem, wie diese Mitglieder der OpenStack-Community Container in der Produktion nutzen, um Herausforderungen zu lösen und neue Möglichkeiten zu erschließen:

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Hier eine gekürzte Summary vom OpenStack Summit in Kanada:

"White Paper Leveraging Containers and OpenStack: A Comprehensive Review. The white paper published today highlights scenarios for combining OpenStack and Kubernetes and provides an overview of the open source projects, both OpenStack and otherwise, that help deliver container applications. The white paper also explores how these members of the OpenStack community are using containers in production to solve challenges and unlock new capabilities:

  • AT&T, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world.

  • CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, where physicists and engineers probe the fundamental structure of the universe.SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest telecommunications operator.

  • Superfluidity, a European Research project (Horizon 2020) trying to build the basic infrastructure blocks for 5G networks by leveraging and extending well known open source projects.

Collaborators on the white paper include representatives from AT&T, Betacloud Solutions, Catalyst IT, CERN, Huawei, Linux Academy, the OpenStack Foundation, Red Hat, SK Telecom and Vexxhost.

Progress on OpenStack-Kubernetes Integration Efforts:

  1. The OpenStack Cloud Provider, an external cloud controller manager for running Kubernetes in an OpenStack cluster, has a permanent new home. Cloud Provider OpenStack gives Kubernetes direct access to OpenStack resources such as Nova compute instance information, Cinder block storage, and Neutron and Octavia load balancing.

  2. The latest release of the CNCF dashboard features OpenStack as one of the target public clouds. This CI system runs nightly test jobs against CNCF projects. It uses a cross-cloud deployment tool to build a multi-node, highly available Kubernetes cluster. It runs Kubernetes end-to-end tests against the installation and also tests other cloud-native applications like Helm and Prometheus on the OpenStack-hosted Kubernetes test cluster.

  3. Cinder now offers one integration point for over 80 different storage options through a single Cinder API with a choice of Flex or Container Storage Interface (CSI) drivers.

  4. The community has documented how to Integrate Keystone authentication and authorization with Kubernetes role-based access control (RBAC). This approach allows Kubernetes to use OpenStack Keystone as an identity service."

Abb. 1: Kata Containers - Secure Applications through Virtualization (Bildquelle: OpenStack Whitepaper „Leveraging Containers and OpenStack - A Comprehensive Review“)

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