Zweigstellen ohne lokale IT-Infrastruktur? Live Web Event mit Riverbed

4. Mai 2015 - Attend this live event to rethink branch IT with industry experts who will discuss the challenges, successes, opportunities, and best-practices...

Achieving maximum productivity at today’s branch offices: Half of a company’s intellectual property—over 50% of its data—is at risk at branch and remote offices where servers and storage space are often at a premium. Valuable company data is left unprotected and open to compromise and data breach. Branch-based data backup and recovery processes are notoriously slow or non-existent. As a result, 76% of enterprises are maintaining or increasing their spend on branch and remote IT in 2015*, in an effort to address these issues and deliver better on-demand services, data protection, and productivity at the branch.

IT organizations need to rethink branch IT. What would it take to achieve a state of zero branch IT—where 100% of data is protected in the data center, while applications perform at the branch as if local?

*ESG ROBO Trends Survey 2015; ESG IT Spending Survey 2015



  • Searl Tate, Director of Network Engineering

Paul Hastings, LLP

  • Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst, Cloud and Virtualization

Enterprise Strategy Group

  • Paul O'Farrell, Senior Vice President and GM

Riverbed Technology

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