Cloud Volumes ONTAP Monthly Webinar Series

Azure High Availability: How to Keep your Azure Workload Running, Thursday, March 14th. Network collapses. Power outages. Disk failures. Unplanned maintenance. These things might happen to your enterprise workload, making it unavailable to users... Now Azure users have a solution to keep their workloads available no matter what happens: Cloud Volumes ONTAP High Availability for Azure.

The Cloud Volumes ONTAP HA configuration in Azure creates a redundant environment composed of dual virtual machine instances. This ensures that if one instance fails, the workload will immediately failover to the other, protecting your environment from downtime and data loss. Using Cloud Volumes ONTAP HA for Azure:

  • RPO=0 seconds. Data is kept transactionally consistent, which prevents data loss in a failure
  • RTO<60 seconds. Should a failure occur, your workload will be available in sixty seconds or even sooner.
  • Shared storage between the two nodes means you don't need to double the costs for Azure storage.

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