Red Hat Webinar: Managing Block Storage in a Cloud Environment - THURSDAY • OCTOBER 25, 2018 • 9 A.M. EDT / 2 P.M. EDT

Red Hat OpenStack Platform supports provisioning of ephemeral and persistent block storage. Join this webinar to learn how to use ephemeral and persistent block storage in Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13. Being able to provision both ephemeral and persistent block storage in a cloud environment is critical to provide the applications running on this environment the storage resources required to manage their data. Ephemeral storage includes the effective storage used inside an instance and the storage used by the instance for swap memory. All the ephemeral storage resources are removed when the instance that uses them is terminated. Additional persistent block storage resources such as volumes, which can be attached to the instances, are available after the instance is terminated. The following topics will be covered:

  • The architecture of cloud storage.
  • Integration of Red Hat Ceph Storage with Red Hat OpenStack Platform as a storage back end.
  • Deployment of an instance, with its ephemeral storage provided by Red Hat Ceph Storage rados block device (RBD) images.
  • Creation of storage volumes, based on RBD images, as persistent storage for an instance.


Adolfo Vazquez, Services Content Architect / Training and Certification, Red Hat

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