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The Future of Your WAN is Software Defined - Riverbed Webinar (on demand)

Riverbed Webinar zusammen mit Forrester Research: "Is your enterprise network in need of a transformation to support the rapid innovation and responsiveness of the cloud-first, digital era? Challenge the status quo of traditional networking — take a software-defined approach. During this on-demand presentation, featuring research from Forrester, discover: Trends that are compelling 90% of organizations to evolve their networks / Why SD-WAN is a critical enabler of digital transformation / Key capabilities companies look for in an SD-WAN solution.

SNIA Webcast: The Magic and Mystery of In-Memory Apps

Presenters: Shaun Walsh, SNIA SSSI Member, G2M Communications, Marty Foltyn, SNIA Solid State Storage Initiative. Tuesday, November 8, 2016 – 10:00 am PT/ 1:00 pm ET...

HDS Webinar am 21. Okt. 2016 zu Data Governance und Datenkontrolle

München, Starnberg, 14. Okt. 2016 - Data Governance definiert die Regeln und Prozesse für das Management der Daten im Unternehmen...

Webinar: The Value of Infrastructure Insight. October 27 at 10:00 AM PDT

Starnberg, 6. Okt. 2016 - Perspectives from StorageIO’s Greg Schulz and Virtual Instruments...

Webcast zur Positionierung von Ceph und Gluster am 19. Okt. 2016

Starnberg, 6. Okt. 2016 - A comparative theology... Do you know the difference between Ceph and Gluster?

Solving the persistent storage challenge for containers – Red Hat Webinar

17. Aug. 2016 - Building a persistent storage layer for stateful applications is critical for enterprise deployments. Konvergentes Deployment von Applikationen und Storage...

Webcast: Accelerate Software Defined Storage with IBM and VMware

Anzeige: Webcast am 26. Aug. 2016: Accelerate your SDS-journey with IBM and VMware: "Learn how the tight integration between IBM and VMWare SDS...

Webinar: Choosing the Right Software Defined Storage for Your Agile Virtual Machines.

Anzeige - Webinar: Make Sure It's Agile: Choosing the Right Software Defined Storage for Your Agile Virtual Machines. With Clint Parrish, Enterprise IT Architect, VSS Inc.